Event Tracking: What do your users do on your site?

Bottom line, you are not a mindreader!

You might not know what your users are doing on your website, or how they will respond to your gorgeous website design. That’s it really. Google Analytics is ace and it’ll show you which website pages get visits, -but- Google Analytics won’t track anything additional, apart from the pre-set reports on things like Pageviews, and Time on Page, Bounce Rate etc. Unless of course, you set up Event Tracking and tell the platform to push meaningful information into your account. In the end, Google Analytics is a program, and like all programs, it’s needs to be told what to do.

How will this Event Tracking explainer help you?

This handy template has been created to explain how Event Tracking works using a bucket of Chicken as a tasty analogy  🍗 which may or may not have our co-founders face on it. It will break down what Event Tracking can be used to tell you, what the process is , and what you can do with that tasty data when it is in your account.