What is a view, property and account in Google Analytics?

Ready to get your house in order? As in your analytics house? Great. When we first learned about account structure in Google Analytics (GA) it kinda ruined our minds a little, so we came up with The House Model© to help work out what the right structure should be for your business. We likes houses.


Bottom line, Google Analytics is a web analytics tool and service that tracks the behaviour of your website visitors as well as the performance of your website through a little piece of code installed on your website pages. What it doesn’t do, is make sense of it! There are four parts that system works to get your lovely data. Collection, Configuration, Processing and Reporting. This template is focused on the Collection part of analytics, you need to understand how your Google Analytics account is structured, as it has implications for the data collection in first instance, then configuration and processing, not to mention the reporting that you base your decisions on. We’ve put together a handy explainer of our House Model© to explain what the account , properties and views are, and how to build your GA house, the right way, so you get the correct data processed. Want to know if your setup is more apartment, townhouse, or skyscraper? Go get it.


This one is from our amazing, comprehensive, Google Analytics course. There are many other editable templates in there that will support this resource, we just thought we’d give you a sneak peak at some of the things you should expect. You’ll find more information on how it’s applied in our zero to hero Google Analytics Course!