What are Custom Dimensions and Metrics in Google Analytics?

Ok, so everyone who has a GA account gets the same set of Dimensions and Metrics to play with, but what if you could tailor your analytics to work harder for you? This is what Custom Dimensions and Metrics does for you, it gives you the option to create your OWN dimensions.


You will use the shiny Custom Dimensions and Metrics to either:

A: Give more context to a dimension in Google Analytics.

B: Pop your own data into Google Analytics to get answers to your questions faster.

Think about it, you have data that sits in another database, a CRM, even an excel sheet. Linking them together and getting them into GA will get you to blissed out marketing nirvana, in the context of analytics of course. We will not lie to you, this is advanced analytics and you need to get this done by someone who knows what they are doing. You wouldn’t have your friendly gardener do open heart surgery on you…

This template is a visual guide, with some example use cases, of actually using this very clever, very useful, but very under utilized option for GA. We also have a process, from a marketing/ business point of view, you want to focus on step 1 and step 2. Want to see what you are missing? Go get our little template, with some big ideas!


This one is from our amazing, comprehensive, Google Analytics course. There are many other editable templates in there that will support this resource, we just thought we’d give you a sneak peak at some of the things you should expect. You’ll find more information on how it’s applied in our zero to hero Google Analytics Course!