Ever wondered what the state of play was with your Google Analytics setup?

My GA audits aim to find opportunities to improve the insights from your GA account, close off any blind spots, and fix any issues you may have with your data collection.

A trusted pair of hands

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I have been doing Google Analytics reviews and audits as an independent consultant since 2012, and have unpicked (and restitched) the analytics accounts of some of the biggest brands in the world.

I can give you a quick review for the purposes of quick wins, or I can dive deep, and help you assess and rebuild the house – brick by brick. All with a kindly hand of support along the way.

These reviews and audits can cover Universal Analytics and GA4 or both!

Google Analytics Reviews & audits

My Google Analytics audits are particularly special –I have been told as much. I honestly really love doing them, why else do you think I have clocked so many over my career. They come in a couple of different flavours if you are interested. I have the good old review, which will answer such elusive questions as; is my data collection breaking the law? Is my marketing working? What’s happening on my website? Why is all my data wrong? As well as advise you on the common, and correct, setup. Stuff like that. More commonly is the big shiny audit, which is, as you might expect – is more intense. It’ll give you a good grip on everything that’s going on with Google Analytics, as well as help you with your measurement strategy. With GA4 now on the horizon, I am being asked to include a review on GA4 configurations and setups, as well as navigating how brands can migrate to GA4. In short, I can look at just your Universal Analytics, just your GA4, or blend the two together.

What’s Included?

Google Analytics Review

From £2,000 + VAT
  • Common challenges and opportunities
  • Tracking code debugging
  • Account setup
  • Property & view configuration
  • Filters overview
  • Goals & funnels
  • PII & compliance assessment
  • Marketing campaigns reporting
  • Content overview & grouping
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Google Analytics Audit

From £3,500 + VAT
  • Common challenges and opportunities
  • Tracking code debugging
  • Account setup & data quality review
  • Property & view configuration
  • Filters overview & strategy
  • Goals & funnels
  • PII & compliance assessment
  • Acquisition reporting
  • Marketing campaigns reporting
  • Remarketing & segmentation
  • Multichannel funnels and attribution advisory
  • Content overview & grouping
  • Events & Google Tag Manager use
  • Ecommerce setup review
  • Custom metrics and dimensions recommendations
  • Measurement strategy guide
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I get the job done

Jill has really helped us with our measurement strategy. From GA audits to find where we can improve, to analytics and data visualization training to make sure my team is as up to date as possible. The team has loved working with her. Always full of energy and she has a great way of explaining things in plain english.

April Wang, VP Marketing, Bandwidth

Jill has been absolutely great to work with. She’s very knowledgeable and has made our analytics audit and GA4 implementation easy to understand and work through.

Colette Murray, Senior Website Manager, Network Rail 

“I honestly can’t recommend working with Jill enough. It gave me so many ideas for how to optimize our current setup to get much more value from the data we have (and ensure the data is actually accurate)”

Laura Crimmons

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