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Looking for an Online Google Analytics Course?
One that will show you how to do it?
Superb. You have come to the right place.

Home>Courses>Google Analytics

Looking for an Online Google Analytics Course?
One that will show you how to do it?
Superb. You have come to the right place.

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The power of knowing

Imagine having the power of knowing that if you get asked a question about who goes to your website, how they get there, what they do when they are on your website and if they have a profitable customer interactions with your site.

What would it mean to you to know exactly what your marketing campaigns are doing to drive conversions, hell, actually having goals set up to track conversions in the first place? We’d say a lot.

Huge potential

Google Analytics has a huge amount of potential, and used to that full potential, this free tool can supercharge your decision making and make your website work harder for you. The icing on the cake? You are confident in the reports and know your data is clean and valid.

Online Google Analytics Course: The Coloring in Department

This course is the result of teaching thousands of people Google Analytics, doing a few hundred analytics audits, hearing the same questions from people, seeing the same problems, over and over, and over again.

hours of content

unbranded templates for you to download and use

for everything

marketers taught

Our format is all face to camera, lots of over the shoulder tutorials and checking for understanding. You can go at your own pace, and have you access and any updates for life.

I want to know when this course is live to buy

This course IS for you if you want to learn things like:

How to setup your Admin area properly, so you get the right data for your business

 Understand the different types of filters, and apply them correctly

✓ Know what Event Tracking is and how to apply it to your website or app

 Set up goals for your website, so that you know what is working for you

 Understand how Google Analytics buckets your inbound marketing campaigns, and learn how to correctly tag all that lovely marketing you’re doing

 Know what you are looking at when you open the reports, as well as tricks and tips to get the most out of your Reporting interface

 Fancy stuff, like Attribution Models, Custom Dimensions and Data Import; learn what are they and how would you use them

 + So much more

This is NOT for you if:

You’re happy to keep looking at the data and not know what you are actually looking at

 You hope that someone set the account up correctly – *fingers crossed*

 You’re happy reporting on data that isn’t valid and littered with errors

 You’re fine not being able to answer a question from your boss or client, when they ask about your website or campaigns

 You want to keep fighting for that marketing budget; because we all know nothing signs a cheque like a gut feeling!

 You’re going to read the books, and watch lots of youtube videos and hope you can muddle through and execute analytics correctly, in the right order, all on your own

 You think we are in the 1960s and you don’t need to be data driven or track anything

 You can live with the mistakes made using bad data, because you didn’t need your business to take off anyway!

Come join The Coloring in Department and sign up to be the 1st to know when we go live!