Online Courses you say?

(That show you how to do it)



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Why do it this way?

Look, to be honest – we were going to do it face to camera – build a load of courses quickly, be done, like everyone else. Unfortunately for us, we’d never forgive ourselves – our egos couldn’t handle the inevitable complaints. By the way, we’ve never had one of those – a complaint. Looks like that would suck, if we go on the basis of all those lovely quick fix course ads.

So, instead, we do the hard work – we take up to ten times longer to build a course as our competitors. We’ve been told that it’s bad for business. Done is better than perfect and all that. We disagree, did it better will always beat did it first. Long story short, we are unbelievably proud of our courses – and we are certain you’ll be proud of yourself too. Should you be so inclined to take the first step, and the first course.

So, ready to get started?

If you are ready to rock, are currently a lone wolf – a maverick, a startup founder, a consultant, a freelancer, a special flower – you get the picture.

If you want that team of yours to skill up, and maybe there’s more than just you – you’ve got the whole village, whole orchestra, the whole nine yards – you also get the picture.

You’ll be in good company

Becky Simms

Founder & CEO – Reflect Digital

“Being proficient in analytics is vital for all roles within our agency. We believe in delivering digital marketing with the right technology and creative insights. So, when we found out The Coloring in Department launched their excellent course in Google Analytics, we jumped at the chance to sign our team up for this course.”

Els Aerts

Managing Partner – AG Consult

“I had no idea a talk about Google Analytics could be this fun. They not only know how to tell a story, they also have the most beautiful slides I’ve ever seen. They are very knowledgeable, humble and genuinely nice people to boot.”

Laura Crimmons

Senior Digital Manager – Ringier AG

“I thought I already knew a fair bit about Google Analytics having been using it for around eight years, turns out I was missing a lot! I honestly can’t recommend this course enough. It gave me so many ideas for how to optimise our current setup to get much more value from the data we have (and ensure the data is actually accurate.”