Slide WE ARE A LITTLE (a lot) different Most content for digital marketers is total trash, lowest common denominator, cheapskates and cheap tricks. You already know that $2000 “growth hacking” courses reduced to a measly $10 probably won’t get you where you want to go, no, where you need to go. So, we decided to go against the grain, still affordable, but you know - not awful. We wish we existed when we were starting out. We reiterate, -not- awful.

Online Courses you say?

(That show you how to do it)


  • You are tired, busy, short on time, you are working hard to figure this digital marketing out, you are investing in yourself, your career, or your business, and digital marketing moves fast, channels shift, and you may be doing a lot of things, but not all of them are working as well as they could. You’ll get there though, just keep going.
  • You know there are 101 shortcuts, there are “growth hacks,” there are listicles - and all for only $1 dollar! Amazing. You already know they aren’t good though, but it’s only a dollar so you probably won’t bother refunding or complaining. You are busy trying to do a great job, after all.
  • Ah hell, you’ve done a ton of courses at this stage - you are hoping there is an answer. Some were out of date, some were low quality, some were really really expensive – and to be honest, you are pretty much back at square one from a doing point of view. You’ll eventually crack the code, you think.
  • You bought the book, and the t-shirt, got the job, but it’s still on the shelf, in the drier, overwhelming (respectively). The book is impenetrable, and the t-shirt too big, the job too much! You’ve had enough, maybe you should just go and be a yoga instructor. Or, let us help.


  • We can help. We’ve listened to students, and we hear you. Because you don’t know what you don’t know, and guys, that’s cool beans, no one wakes up knowing how to do all of this. Thankfully, we’ve already made all the mistakes that can be made, so we’ll share with you. You’ll still have to work hard though, this isn’t the miracles business.
  • We promise that doing an online course with us will be worth it. We will show you how to do it, and we won’t do it with death by powerpoint (life is just too short for that), our style is friendly, like have a drink with a friend, friendly.
  • We create engaging videos to explain the concept, over the shoulder tutorials with real life examples to walk you through, templates for you to download and customize for your business, and a little quiz at the end to check that you are on the right track.
  • We don’t lie through our teeth. Did you know that the problem with your “funnel” is actually [insert quick fix here]? Haven’t you managed to live that seven figure lifestyle from a beach yet? You should be, this is easy. Maybe -you- are the exception to the promise. Or you know, maybe it was a touch misleading in the first place. You bring the luck, the grit, and the big ideas - we’ll bring the experience. You’ll get there - we all will.

Our Courses Are






Practical Templates

Why do it this way?

Look, to be honest – we were going to do it face to camera – build a load of courses quickly, be done, like everyone else. Unfortunately for us, we’d never forgive ourselves – our egos couldn’t handle the inevitable complaints. By the way, we’ve never had one of those – a complaint. Looks like that would suck, if we go on the basis of all those lovely quick fix course ads.

So, instead, we do the hard work – we take up to ten times longer to build a course as our competitors. We’ve been told that it’s bad for business. Done is better than perfect and all that. We disagree, did it better will always beat did it first. Long story short, we are unbelievably proud of our courses – and we are certain you’ll be proud of yourself too. Should you be so inclined to take the first step, and the first course.

So, ready to get started?

If you are ready to rock, are currently a lone wolf – a maverick, a startup founder, a consultant, a freelancer, a special flower – you get the picture.

If you want that team of yours to skill up, and maybe there’s more than just you – you’ve got the whole village, whole orchestra, the whole nine yards – you also get the picture.

You’ll be in good company

Becky Simms

Founder & CEO – Reflect Digital

“Being proficient in analytics is vital for all roles within our agency. We believe in delivering digital marketing with the right technology and creative insights. So, when we found out The Coloring in Department launched their excellent course in Google Analytics, we jumped at the chance to sign our team up for this course.”

Els Aerts

Managing Partner – AG Consult

“I had no idea a talk about Google Analytics could be this fun. They not only know how to tell a story, they also have the most beautiful slides I’ve ever seen. They are very knowledgeable, humble and genuinely nice people to boot.”

Laura Crimmons

Senior Digital Manager – Ringier AG

“I thought I already knew a fair bit about Google Analytics having been using it for around eight years, turns out I was missing a lot! I honestly can’t recommend this course enough. It gave me so many ideas for how to optimise our current setup to get much more value from the data we have (and ensure the data is actually accurate.”