How to quickly create UTM codes for Google Analytics?

So, you’ve seen the wonderful ways of using UTMs correctly and you’ve seen the light when it comes to User Defined and System Defined Channels. You know your Sources from your Mediums and you are ready to build those UTM links…whoohooo let’s go!*

*If any of that did’t make sense, check out this template around what UTMs are and how Google works to define your marketing channels.

How will this UTM code creator help you?  

All things being fair, Google does offer you a UTM builder,  but, it doesn’t save your links for you, don’t fret though, for we have your back.
This template is split into 3 tabs.
Tab One is for your channel planning – use this to practically get everyone on the same page when it comes to strategically mapping out how to use the correct system defined Mediums and plan out which user defined Mediums you need to create as a team. You also want to use this to confirm your Source names, so that you don’t fragment your data.
Tab Two: Feeds into Tab Three, but the main use of this is to help keep your naming conventions on point. Remember that tracking UTMs and Mediums/Sources are all case sensitive. Nobody’s perfect, we are all busy humans , who can sometimes make mistakes and type the wrong word/s…so this page will be filled with your (spell checked) Mediums and Sources.  
Tab Three: Pulling in your agreed Mediums and Sources (thanks Tab 2) you just use the dropdown to select what you are tracking, and fill in the gaps e.g. what’s the name of the campaign, which link do you want people to go to, etc, and the rest will be done for you. As if by magic. (Spooky)
Fast, recorded, all on the same page, GA UTM tracking goodness. (Not so spooky)

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