Goals, goals & more goals

Bottom line, all websites should have Google Analytics set up, with Goals – but are often without.

Why? You will , at some point, have to move beyond looking at visits and actually start to see how your marketing and website content is working towards making your visitor convert, and by convert we mean, doing the thing you need them to do so you are still in business!


This template is less, how to create goals, which actually doesn’t take as long as you may think, but rather, looks at the strategic lens of which goals (and types) you should have in your Google Analytics.

You will of course want to map out your big-hitter-business-will-go-under-if-we-don’t-get them-done type goals, but don’t forget about the smaller goals that lead up to your big ones..

To help, we’ve created TIMER©, this is a way for you to think about the customer journey in terms of those all important profitable customer interactions, and data points that will be, oh so very helpful, when it comes to doing some analysis.

Teaser, represents the people who are flirting with you, they arrive on your site and scroll down a page, maybe look through some pictures, then they hard bounce out of your site! Bye!

Investment, they are “investing” their time with you, not quite converting but slowly giving more of a damn about you. Maybe watching some of your video, downloading a pdf, or adding something to basket. It’s the little things.

Meaningful, they are doing what you really need them to do, your big hitting, if they don’t do them, we will go out of business goals. Dollar, cash, money.

Engaged, your users are happy (and unhappy) people who are really engaging with your brand after a big goal completion, think referring a friend or leaving a review. You can’t have enough friends.

Retention, the circle of life and all that, you have to consider some retention goals, do they come back, repeat the process? Think signing back in, or cross/upselling. Also known as post acquisition in some circles.

Go get the template to get a nice explainer of TIMER!


This one is from our amazing, comprehensive, Google Analytics course. There are many other editable templates in there that will support this resource, we just thought we’d give you a sneak peak at some of the things you should expect. You’ll find more information on how it’s applied in our zero to hero Google Analytics Course!