How does Ecommerce Tracking work in Google Analytics?

If you have a website where you are selling stuff. As in, I would have the ability to go to your website, add to cart, give you my credit card details and pay you for the order. Then you need to set up ECommerce Tracking. Beyond the advice of ‘turning the toggle to ON’… how does it work, and how do you get the analytics data goods inside your account?


If you are selling things on your website and you want to know the difference between basic and enhanced ecommerce?
You should download this resource.
If you want to know what types of data you could have with basic and enhanced ecommerce?
Yeah, you should totally have a look at this resource.
And, if you want to check what the steps are to get your ecommerce data inside your reports?
You got it, just click on the ‘I want it’ button and it is yours.
But wait, there is more! If you really, really want to know more, we have a nice blog post just for you. Head this way my analytics knowledge-seeking friend. 


This one is from our amazing, comprehensive, Google Analytics course. There are many other editable templates in there that will support this resource, we just thought we’d give you a sneak peak at some of the things you should expect. You’ll find more information on how it’s applied in our zero to hero Google Analytics Course!