Which Custom Dimensions and Metrics can you use for ecommerce sites?

Ok, you checked out our Custom Dimension template, and you fancy getting started with the planning part of the process. Go you.

How will this template help an ecommerce site plan for their custom dimensions and metrics in Google Analytics?

To help, we have a template that is still in beta (if that is such a thing, a beta template!) with more to follow for different business models.
Speaking from experience, you don’t want to waste time with email ping pong, or not being clear enough with the tech heads that make this stuff happen. So, use this template to get everyone on the same page, agree timelines and what needs to happen in order for the custom dimension magic to happen.
We’ve put together some ideas or you, that will help an ecommerce site get more bang for your analytics buck. This is a template that will help you get going,  as every business is unique and will have different needs and wants, it is not the final list, and you may not want to use all of our suggestions.
But let’s face it, this template is better than a blank sheet of paper. They suck.

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