A nice guy, entrepreneur and moderately well known user of words. Most importantly, I love what I do, and anyone who tells you different is a damn liar, and definitely can’t be trusted.

More than a little bit obsessed with the marketing & digital sector (sometimes both), and even more so with the future of education and communicating ideas. LOVES a webinar. Likely to be online somewhere in the world at all times, hosting one. Would really like to be a talk show host. 🎙️

Secretly, wants to be a hot sauce baron. 🥡

I’ve worked with loads brands, both global and notable, in shaping and delivering their digital and advertising strategies – not to neglect making sure those strategies stick, with a ton of up skilling. To date, I’ve been involved in campaigns producing 20+ awards, from the Cannes Lions to the Webbys.

I’ve also been involved in some seriously catastrophic failures along the way, you know what they say about omelettes. 🍳

I’m currently spending a great deal of time nurturing the marketing needs of a variety of global brands, as co-founder of The Coloring In Department, as the original Google We Are Squared guy, as part of a crack team of General Assembly tech folk, and as a presenting & training gun for hire. 🔫

I pretend to like feedback, all of the time, as a result. So, I’m also an amateur actor. 👨‍🎤

These people have put up with me in the past, and presently:

Nestlé, TeamGB (Over the London 2012 Olympiad); Aston Martin; Lexus; The Kooples; US Senator Hilary Clinton; Twitter; The Luminar Group; Universal (Europe); Glaxo Smith Kline, Alibaba Group, The Marketing Store, WPP, Virgin Media, AMV BBDO, BBH, Compare the Market, L’Oreal, Betfair, Visa, BBC, Redbull, MediaCom, Omnicom, The Red Cross, OMD, JWT, Carat, Mindshare, Hilton Worldwide, Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, iCrossing, Cathay Pacific, Northern & Shell, Google, Klarna, WWF (animals not wrestlers) and a ton of others I’ve long since blocked out of my mind from the trauma (kidding). 🤡




A chatty, candid, lady with a knack for creating templates and models that people can use to learn all about digital marketing. LOVES analytics and learning about UX and user behaviour. 

Has an obsession for decent coffee and a love for small batch Gin. Living the whole balanced-work-life-juggle-the-kids-and-working-mum-balance-kind-of-thing. Fairly sure there’s a #hashtag in there somewhere. 

I’ve managed to keep two tiny people alive whilst teaching all sorts of people about digital marketing and pumping out google analytics audits….not sure which one is more tricky at times! 🤰

If you speak to people who have worked with me, or have been trained by me, they will tell you that I really love marketing, and I really do want more people to ‘get it’ – not just being entertained and knowing what it is, but actually get back to the office and bloody do it.

My style is very conversational, I think you should share your stories, the good and bad.  

Even though I am super process driven, I have a solid appreciation for the art side of marketing, I am just not so hot at it. Hey, we are all different, you and I, Kim & Kanye, Thelma & Louise. Challenges = opportunities.

I have worked for some amazing brands from consulting, guest lecturing on Digital Marketing Masters programmes for Universities, Author for Smart Insights, and Digital Training in particular Lead Instructor for General Assembly, ISDI, The IDM and B2B Marketing.

Have run loads of digital workshops my faves are still  SEO, and  Google Analytics, as well as teaching the 1 week accelerator Digital Marketing course at General Assembly.

Since having my kids, I am being a little more fearless, being a human notwithstanding, we all get nervous sometimes. Although, I love it when I’m on stage and start talking – I talk a lot. 

In fact most people will say that I never shut up, at least about marketing. 🎤