Who are we?

We believe that learning shouldn’t be for people with deep pockets, it should be more affordable, it should be more accessible. We also believe that you can have fun as you learn. We want to educate, motivate and inspire people to do better digital marketing. Seriously.

Together we have trained 65,000 marketers, in 75 countries – ranging from small business, to the big boys and girls of household brands. Someone once called us the Goldilocks of digital marketing training. We naturally took that as a compliment, but the truth of it remains to be seen!

Why The Coloring In Department?

You’ve heard the term right? It’s not very nice really. The term “the coloring in department” is often used to describe the marketing function in a business; change the copy, do some events, report on nothing. This, annoyed us – greatly. So, we decided to own the insult.

We really love marketing, and we really do want more people to ‘get it’ – not just being entertained and knowing what it is, but actually get back to the office and bloody do it, be more awesome, get results, make bank. Also known as, not the coloring in department.

So, if you learn with us, you will get a ton of editable templates which are grounded in a good couple of decades of doing the job, a conversational style of training, animation, video and a heap of guided practice. We are really proud of it – and we hope you love it too!


Aiden is a nice guy, and is head over heels in love with the technology sector. Even more so with the future of digital education and communicating ideas. He’s communicated ideas to 65,000 people so far, many of them in Fortune 500 & FTSE 100 companies. He built some of Google’s early education programs, does the same at General Assembly, and speaks at the occasional international conference. He claims to have spoken or hosted 1200 online events – but that number is probably too low. Sometimes he judges things, from Cannes Lions to Webbys. He won’t ever wear a suit, not even to a wedding – probably.

A chatty, candid, lady with a knack for creating templates and models that people can use to learn all about digital marketing. Loves analytics and learning about UX and user behaviour. If you speak to people who have worked with her, or have been trained by her, they will tell you that she really loves marketing, and really does want more people to ‘get it’ – not just being entertained and knowing what it is. She delivers a mean conference talk. She’s worked for some amazing brands as a consultant, guest lecturing on Digital Marketing Masters programmes for Universities, Author for Smart Insights, as well as dishing out a ton of digital training, in particular, as Lead Instructor for General Assembly, ISDI, The IDM and B2B Marketing.


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