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Favourite Metrics from Influencers

What is Your Favourite Digital Marketing Metric? We have been asking key influencers across the Digital Marketing landscape a number of questions around digital marketing metrics. Questions like, what are your favourite metrics? What top metrics would you take to the…

How to Turn Data into Insights

We all know that we should be data driven, heck, it is a buzzword these days! But when you are looking into the abyss of what can look like data vomit, how do you turn these data points into insights for your company’s growth? This post is a starting point before you dive into the deep dark woods of analytics. You know the phrase “If you all you have is a hammer then everything you see is a nail.” So you need to focus.

How to Get Buy in For Your Content Marketing Strategy

Make your case by showing how using content marketing can improve your conversion rate and the impact on the bottom line. And there is one thing that motivates all bosses, investors and business owners. The bottom line! Make your case by showing how using content marketing can improve your conversion rate.

Ideas for Your Content Marketing

It can be hard to come up with ideas or brainstorm quickly. Do you ever find yourself staring at a blank word document? You have a blog to write (and a deadline!), social media posts to publish, whatever. To help, we have a simple formula.

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What KPI’s Would You Take to the Board

What you present and who you are presenting to can make all the difference. In this post I will be sharing with you what Rand Fishkin, Edwina Dunn, Tink Taylor and Jim Sterne said when I asked the following: “If you could only take 5 key performance indicators (KPIs) to the board, what would they be? ”

What Marketing Metrics Matter

How do you build a KPI dashboard for the boss? In the world of your business it’s the numbers that matter. Marketeers need to get better at building our skills to report effectively, not delivering vanity metrics, and flashy pie charts downloaded from our marketing reporting tools, (sorry guys and gals!).

Social Media and Google Analytics Reporting

Here are some quirks to the social media reports in Google, including how it defines social media, how using the wrong medium will stuff up your numbers and knowing that google does not have a defined channel in its core reporting API for paid social or retargeting (I know right!) ….read on to find out more!