UX and Marketing: A Tinder Match Made in Heaven

20th June 2019 | Leeds, UK | Search Leeds

In today’s multiple-channels-to-market-your-business-world you will find that no marketing channel or skill “stands alone”.

They all merge and bend into each other somehow. Marketing aims to create value for a business and drive profitable customer interactions, and UX aims to improve the quality of a user’s experience with your brand’s offering.

Marketers may be surprised to see how UX can impact and improve their channel marketing and as for the UXers, you have more skills to offer outside development and product tasks.

In this talk, Jill Quick will shared how she thinks UX and Marketing are a super love match and will share how she has used UX techniques to improve SEO, Copy and Reporting. You should definitely swipe right!

We also have a free explainer on The Consumer Cross Stitch ©  for you to download if you want it.


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