Jill spoke at UnGagged London 2018


I hate Google Analytics. Don’t you?

I especially hate it when you log into Google Analytics, zoom to Acquisition> All Channels and make decisions on what you see, only to find out it’s all -so- wrong.

Making those ill informed, on the spot marketing decisions, allocating your budgets etc, to then find out that it’s all big mess, and you have to spend yet more time mopping your tears off your keyboard.

Know what I mean?

Because let’s face it, who cares about how Google’s Core Reporting API works to fuel your Default Channel Groupings, cus…well, why would you?

Good news, for people that went to UnGagged London (*high five*), I gave a talk on how I’ve spent my long years playing with the reports. The right way, the wrong way and everything in between, which included 

  • How Google Analytics actually defines your marketing channels, and how you can make mistakes with the channel definitions
  • How UTM tracking codes work, and common mistakes with them
  • What you can do to fix your tracking problems (hurrah!)
  • How to tinker with your settings and some important stuff outside of Google’s default setup. (Spoiler alert, you need to do this, especially if you are doing paid social)
  • Gain an analysis superpower by pulling non-Google product data (e.g. not AdWords) data into your account
  • Use Data Studio to smash the communication of your new found insights – telling the right stories along the way, and making better decisions as a result

So, just a couple of things then.


Below you can take a look at her slides and, the super templates she mentioned, that we know you want, so you can map out your channel planning in a repeatable process so you never have an issue with your campaign tracking. No more mistakes, no more backing the wrong marketing channel horse!

Here are your resources!