Google Analytics Part 1

Account Setup,
Is Your House In Order?

SEMrush 5th July 2018


Want to get your Google Analytics house in order? Wonder if your set up is correct?

Aiden and Jill did a funky webinar for SEMrush on Thursday 5th July 9am PT / 5pm BST. Watch the webinar and you will learn…

– How your Google Analytics account is structured – and what Account, Properties and Views actually mean

– You’ll learn how to create View and Properties – tinkering with settings along the way

– You’ll see what the difference between predefined filters (system) and custom filters (you) is – along with use case examples, and a guided walk through of common filters that you can create on your account right now, to keep your data clean and correct

– You’ll discover which toggles and settings that you need to care about, and what impact they have on your data 👨‍💼

– You’ll get a free template that you can use, right now, and forever ✍️