Search Leeds- 14th June 2018


Jill goes back to her northern roots and joined a load of industry specialists for THE biggest search marketing event in the North of England.

Her talk “Track campaigns like a bloodhound: How to make your marketing work harder”  was all on, why you need to know how to track your inbound marketing.

Tracking your campaigns is not a nice to have, it is critical, you need to know what is working and what is sucking.

But what if we were to tell you that you may be doing your tracking all wrong? Would you feel nervous? A pang of panic? Have you made the right decisions? Did you back the wrong horse?

The good news. It is an easy fix, and you don’t need anything ‘technical’ apart from a knowing how Google Analytics works when it comes to putting your inbound traffic into the Acquisition reports.

Below you can take a look at her slides and, the super templates she mentioned, that we know you want, so you can map out your channel planning in a repeatable process so you never have an issue with your campaign tracking. No more mistakes, no more backing the wrong marketing channel horse!

Here are your resources!

Thanks for having me Search Leeds!