Reporting Like a God, To the Gods

Reporting Like a God, To the Gods

19th and 20th September 2018 | Lancaster, UK and Online

Search Insights and Digital Olympus

Both Jill and Aiden were found talking about Google Analytics, in particular how you can elevate your reporting to heavenly standards.

Jill delivered this talk at the 1st Search Insights event in Lancaster which she was delighted to support, and Aiden was beamed into peoples laptops for another Digital Olympus event.

We all know that we should be data driven, heck, it shouldn’t just be another buzzword though! But, when you are looking into a hades full of numbers, it’s pretty difficult to figure out how you turn these data points into insights for your company’s growth. Really hard. 

This talk dived into the deep darkness of Google Analytics, particularly looking at the few kinks and quirks that may just be giving you the wrong numbers or worse, insights, when it comes to working out how well your marketing and website is doing.

If you caught the talk then you walked away knowing god-worthy things, like: 

– How GA defines users and sessions, and what impact that has on reports, in particular to conversion and segmented data

– Get more bang for your buck, tips and tricks on how to fully utilise the features available in GA to make reporting easier

– How to use UX techniques to build better dashboards for your stakeholders

We also have a free explainer on What to report in Google Analytics?”  for you to download if you want it, with more on our Resources page.


Head over to our Resources for more templates, if you want the “What to Report in Google Analytics” well pop over here, go Report Like a God!