All Wood, No Trees: Technical Search is A Blunt Axe Without Content to Sharpen It

April 2019 | Ungagged London

Everyone loves search, that much is obvious. That said, we get so lost in the world of speed, the efficacy of Javascript and the ongoing debate that is AMP to see the bigger picture sometimes. Ask Google, and they tell you that you should be creating content for your audience first, for the purposes of search, second. This is a bit black and white for my tastes, but I’d definitely argue that we get so lost in the little technical tweaks that we don’t notice we are in fact tweaking a dumpster fire of a website.

“Ok Google, analogies about bandaids and bullet wounds.”

We need to be smarter than this, because if we are are not careful we’ll be using new technology, new tools, and new skills to the detriment of our brands, products and businesses. Realistically, there isn’t a clear cut way to fell the forest – but we can get damn close if we just work together on creating genuinely valuable content and experiences for people.

This talk explored just that, how to be better together, cut down some trees, and not get a face full of splinters in the process.


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