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Some people find the idea of a website storing any information on their computer or mobile device intrusive, particularly when this information is stored and used by a third party without their knowledge. That’s why, in Europe, they have the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) – we extend European rights to our global audiences, even when they aren’t in Europe.
Although The Coloring In Department cookies are quite harmless, you may not, for example, want to see advertising that has been targeted to your interests.

You don’t have to opt-in to non-essential cookies when you use our site, we aren’t too precious about it to be honest. We’d rather you felt comfortable throughout your experience with us, rather than looking over your shoulder. No surprises here. You can change your level of consent at any time via this button:

You can also clear your browser cache to get rid of any that are currently set, for any website, including ours.