Which goals would you have for a lead generation website?

Good question friend, good question.

Google Analytics gives you the option of having 20, yes 20 goals, for each view. That’s a lot of goals – and it’s great. What tends to happen though, is that we sit looking at a blank piece, attempting to come up with them. Which, is a little frustrating.

We have something we think will help you.

How will this template help you lead generation folks? 

You are all about that qualified lead, mama gotta get those leads…but what else would you want to track, beyond the obvious?
Using all of your 20 goals will give you insights on how your site is doing, and it doesn’t cost you a penny more. You’ll know when someone shared your whitepapers, subscribed to your newsletter or submitted that glorious lead gen form. Hurrah!
You will of course, have some other goals that we haven’t covered, every business is its own special snowflake and what not.
Having said that, in this template there are 20 examples mapped to the TIMER model to get your line in the sand started.

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