Google Analytics

SEMrush Google Analytics Bootcamp Series One

How much time do you invest in setting up a CRM, SEO or social Media Strategy? Loads right? So why wouldn’t you spend the same amount of time getting your house in order in Google Analytics? We all want to be data driven marketers, but you need to build a solid foundation first! Only then will you will find the road to success. We like to think or Google as a blueprint to a house, you still need to bring in a decorating team to make it look pretty and design it to the way you want it to be for your business. Check out our three part video series that we did for SEMrush below.
Session One: Delve into why the default settings in Google Analytics are never okay for your business. If you don’t learn how to configure your account properly then you are left with a, data rubbish in = data rubbish out kinda situation, leading to lost opportunities and poor business choices!
Series Two: So that you can keep doing super smashing marketing wizardry, we’ll teach you exactly how to track your campaigns and traffic so you know what’s working, what’s not and use this information to justify your budget and resources to the big old boss.
Series Three: Do you know what users are doing on your site? No? Well to find out what’s really going on, you’re going to want to get your teeth stuck into something called Event Tracking. In the last of this three part series we’ll show you how to find out what pages people are looking at on your website, setting up events and goals, and we’ll also share a case study of a company that had no event tracking, what they did with it and how it improved the bottom line.
If you want to check out our templates and explainers you can view our resources page here.