We are a little (a lot) different​

We really want education to be accessible, understandable, cost effective and usable. We want the learning to stick. We want to not bore you to death in the process. We get you, your team, your demands. We give you online, we give you offline. We’ll give you back time, money, and sanity. We’ll turn you from revenue taker, to revenue maker. We’ll also give you a digital superpower.

Neat, huh?

It’s all about me

No matter how you describe yourself, you can get the operational knowledge to make sense of those meetings, to get that job, to keep that client, to grow that business. Online courses that -really- show you how to do it, await you.

It’s all about the company you keep

No matter how large, or how small your team is, we are here for you. Mostly because we’ve been there too. How can I help my team? How can I drive stronger outcomes? How can I be just a little bit more fantastic as a manager?

We've taught over 65,000 people


“They ran really engaging sessions that were well received by the whole group. Excellent at bringing the theory to life with plenty of energy and a diverse selection of case studies that were new-news to the group.”


“They are really, very knowledgeable, passionate and professional. Really great at introducing and exploring new concepts, which were both interesting and inspiring. We are very glad to have been able to partner with them.”


“Their intricate knowledge of, and passion for, all things digital were inspiring, and they put their all into the sessions. Outside of the virtual classroom, our exchanges were always thought provoking, and horizon-broadening.”

You’ll be in good company